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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
So I didn't know about this website until I was googling independence green for room size. <br>I got got quite a kick out of it. I can agree yes the place is infested with ants so <br>I keep my place super clean to help keep them out. Even with that you will still see them. I left some chicken wings on the clean counter, on a plate. 4 hours later there was ants like mad on my kitchen counter under the plate. I guess atleast they weren't on top of the plate in the food. <br><br>Yes you will need ear plugs for leaking faucets.<br><br>Yes people hang out in the parking lot. This I was unsure of why they were there till i found this site. I watched someone sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot becuase they were parked next to my car. Every 30 min or so I would look out at the car. Sometimes there would be more people in it and sometimes it was just the driver. I didn't think any thing of it. After reading this site about drug dealers it hit me and I was like [email protected]#$%$, because it all made sense. Now I know the person across the hall from me is into drugs because I saw that person in the car at one point. And I feel like a dumbsh#@ for not realizing thats why the car was out there.<br><br>As for the stuff getting stolen out of the apartment I have not had that happen yet. But have taken pics of everything and maxing out my renters insurace policy becuase of this website. So far everything I stated was dead on with what other people wrote.<br><br>Yes the walls are thin, but its an apartment. You should expect to hear your neighbors. duhhhhh its an apartment and my neighbor below snores loud as hell. So ya buy an economy size box of ear plugs.<br><br>Yes there is a $47 month extra charge for water and heat.<br><br>yes the temperature is inconsistent through out the day sometimes its hot as hell other times its mildly cold.<br><br>No problems with parking.<br><br>Yes the gutters are garbage but I don't own the building so I don't care.<br><br>My washer and dryer work.<br><br>Inside cabinets and drawers is gross and are spray painted.<br><br>Carpets are clean.<br><br>As for safety I am probably going to be buying a gun soon. I am a little nervous here on edge with sounds, keeping my door chained; as well as my neighbors who I hear dead bolting and chaining their door through the thin walls.<br><br>Don't expect windows to insulate.<br><br>Walls are coated with so many layers of paint they might actually be bullet proof hopefully. LOL Every thing is painted to not look bad, and I mean everything is painted. Everything that is metal to.<br><br>Mailboxes are way out in boofoo so expect to drive to get your mail.<br><br>I had to chisel stuff from the inside bottom of the toilet that looked like poop streaks but seamed more like epoxy with the way it stuck to the bottom. I literally chiseled it.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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