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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I guess maybe I was just tired of moving year after year, such is a post-colligate gypsy's life, but I spent 3 semi-satisfied years at IGA. <br><br>I lived in a 495 sq ft 1 bed/1 bath. I knew it was small when I moved in; it was exactly what I needed. My apartment was in the front of the complex, which I admit is a perk. My window looks out over the pool, not a perk; the shrill cries of children and drunk 40 year olds, ruin any view.<br><br>I got to know the Farmington Hills Police, they patrol the complex frequently, and I don't think that's such a great thing.<br><br>NO ONE has ever stolen from my apartment or vehicle. Although I did have one vehicle stolen from IGA, but that s what car insurance is for.<br><br>Amazon.com is good about resending packages that "never arrived." How do I know, I've had Christmas Gifts stolen out of the mail.<br><br>The Heat/ AC situation is a joke, in the winter the heat in my apartment is either off (freezing) or on (90 ) it does not matter what setting the thermostat is at. The AC is a window unit shoved into a hole in the wall, it s pretty funny, but I have to sleep in the living room in the summer so I can feel my AC, since the bedroom is a full 15 feet away. <br><br>I have not had the pleasure of any bug infestations, no thanks to my neighbors who don't know that garbage, plus heat in the hallways, equals nasty hot trash smell. It's like 30 yards to the dumpsters, if your trash smells bad in the apartment, why would you share it with the rest of us?<br><br>I've never had a problem with maintenance; everything I reported got fixed promptly and well. There is no sarcastic undertone in this paragraph. IGA has a good maintenance crew.<br><br>The access to the I-96/ M-5/ 275/ 696 interchange was great for me, my job requires me to drive all over SE Michigan.<br><br>I guess I knew what I was getting when I moved in; I knew why it's cheaper to live at IGA than anywhere else in the Farmington/ Farmington Hills/ Novi area. I guess I never really worried about the little stuff. The free membership to Powerhouse Gym across the street is great. <br><br>It s not a bad place to live, don t let anyone scare you, AIMCO evicts quickly, I ve seen more than one persons stuff on the pavement outside. Lock your car doors, it seems like a no-brainer, lock your patio door, it s not rocket science, you re not in Kansas anymore. Do some research, for the cost, all and all, it s not that bad of a deal.
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