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The Retreat at Farmington Hills



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carblazehell • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/24/2006
Our lease is up in May, and BOY we can't WAIT to get the hell out of here. It has been one problem after another since day one. I am not one to exaggerate or be a jerk just to be a jerk. This place really is the pits!!! I truly believe that if management hadn't lied to us about certain "features" of this apartment, we would NEVER have moved in here. If one has to pay ALL the utilities, it makes MUCH more sense to rent a house than this craphole. At least you don't have to share walls with loud people and you have storage space available. I am tired of being placated by the management every time we have a problem. It's never their problem and they always have some lame excuse as to why they can't help us. I am sick of it! <br>I found out some cousins of mine lived in these apartments back when they were first built, and they said the apartments sucked back then, too. I read a comment from someone else that said "Rome wasn't built in a day". Try DECADES!!! I don't think that any management company could make this piece of crap worth a hill of beans without tearing it down and starting over. I have had my thermostat replaced 3 times, and it STILL doesn't work properly. My husband and I have just given up. We know we are going to be miserable until we leave.<br>One more thing...I am nervous about moving out, because I KNOW they are going to find some stupid reason to charge us loads of money. I hate this stupid apartment. Do not move in here if you want to take pride in your place of residence.
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The Retreat at Farmington Hills

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