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Cordoba Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/13/2010
This place is a DUMP! Between the shotty insultation, terrible windows, the contractors they hire to do what little work is done around here, Laundry facility where people take your clothes, or put theirs in with yours to steal your dryer (if the dryer actually works properly). You will be miserable. I moved in October 2010, almost immediately regretted it, You can hear the person above you walking around, opening their drawers, flushing their toilet (this also goes for your next door neighbors), and taking a shower (not to mention if you try to take one the same time you will either freeze or get scalded). I looked at my sliding door this morning only to find it frozen from the INSIDE.. the insulation is terrible, the maintenence while fairly quick to fix things do so half way (I had 1-2 maintenence requests in a MONTH)This place was close to work, and accepted pets that is why I chose it. Oh and good luck finding a parking place they don't even paint the lines so it's a free for all mostly. And lets not even mention the "ethnic smells" that eminate from EVERY other apartment in the building. I was pregnant and almost didn't make it through the hallways to my apt it smelled so terrible. There are plenty more complaints I had that I have logged with the management company of course with little response. I suggest you stay away from here all together you would be better in a homeless shelter!
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Cordoba Apartments

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