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Cordoba Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/27/2008
do not live here. we moved here in 2004 and it's just horrible. the walls are moldy, the hallway smells, the toilet bubbles ALL THE TIME. the dishwasher is broken. MY TOILET SEAT FELL APART! the neighbors smell and are always drunk. the neighbors always try to come to your apartment and ask you for things. this place is just so ------. more and more people from detroit are moving in here. the schools are horrible too. especially harrison high school. kids have sex in the staircase and have fights all the time. warner middle school is horrible too. oh and the closet door keeps on falling off. the glass cover that goes over the kitchen light bulbs has also fell off before and almost hit my mom in the head. this apartment complex is horrible. they don't even have a gym like most other apartment complexes do. and crazy guys will try to follow you in their car if you happen to take a walk outside by yourself. the pool is always dirty and fat people are always out tanning in bikinis and it is just a horrible site. ducks like to swim in the pool too and put their feces in it as well. DO NOT COME HERE WE HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 4 YEARS AND HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND ANOTHER PLACE FROM THE BEGINNING!!!! I REPEAT SAVE YOURSELVES DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! RUN AWAY!!!
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Cordoba Apartments

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