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Kensington Manor Apartments

33203 North Manor Drive

Farmington, MI 48336



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/27/2010
After living here several years, I've noticed that office staff now keep changing and nobody there seems to know what to do, or that they even NEED to do anything (other than collect rent?). New tenants decide to leave their trash bags outside their doorwall for days (attracting skunks), or big boxes that get soggy in the rain outside the building entrance, or dog doo outside the building entrance, and office staff take a message and nothing happens. When you talk directly with the office staff, they claim they can only write a memo to their management. Nothing about contacting the people leaving the trash, boxes, or dog doo. Meanwhile the garbage bags and dog doo stay there indefinitely if other tenants don't remove them. Contractors come in to re-finish bathrooms and don't properly ventilate the chemicals, which go throughout the building, greeting you when you return from work and throughout the night, and when you ask the office if they can get them to ventilate their work better, the office staff claim there's no work going on. I found it interesting that someone else noticed the drug situation, because when I discussed the problem with staff they said there was nothing they could do, weren't even sure it was drugs, and I should call the police. The overall sense when you talk to the office staff is that whatever problem you're bringing up, it's all in your head, it's not really happening, and they claim they can only send an e-mail to their higher ups, so you're left in limbo. They do lavish quite a bit of attention on landscaping, with edgers going for several hours one day and lawn mowers for several hours another day. Parking lot lighting at night is very dark. I believe their head of maintenance is okay, but has such an empty-headed staff to carry out agendas, I often pity him when I hear their circular discussions.
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Kensington Manor Apartments

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