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Kensington Manor Apartments

33203 North Manor Drive

Farmington, MI 48336



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/12/2009
I've lived here a number of years and have noticed a decline in the last two years with change in office staff. The outside door lock is periodically removed and gone for several days at a stretch (leaving apartments vulnerable to thieves). My neighbor's told me their van was stolen from the parking lot two years ago, and I had to call the police a number of times the other year when large groups of singles used our parking lot as a mating station. The police were able to put a stop to that. For these reasons, it would be nice to know that the outer door lock was functioning. The basement floods from time to time (where our storage lockers are), and the pool has duck families - not particularly appetizing to swim after they've been there. Anything to do with windows and doors seems to be problematic - doorwall screens often fall out of their tracks, closet doors don't close easily, etc. When my air conditioner went out during the hottest week in August last year the maintenance man came the next day and told me he'd fixed it, and that I should wait (I was told, just like my car, it takes time for you to feel the coolness - I guess I wouldn't have known that...). So I waited a day and nothing, still sweltering, and then began to call frequently. The maintenance staff told the office staff that the air conditioning specialist who came to look at it said the compressor was shot, but the office did not replace the compressor, so I sweltered until the weather cooled. It's fairly noisy at night, so if you're looking to sleep well, this may not be the place. There are a lot of late shift workers, apparently, and there seems to always be car traffic through the parking lots all night long. Since the bedrooms face the parking lots, that makes it difficult to sleep. Also, you hear everybody's water (flushing toilets, showers) day and night, and that's 4 apartments that you're hearing. I'm looking for somewhere else, which brings me to the positive side. It's cheap here, relatively speaking, so it will be difficult for me to find a place of this size within my budget. Heat is included (or was, as of this year we had to pay a heat "surcharge" of $20/month). The air conditioning/heater is outside the apartment in the shared hallway, so it the blower is quiet, unlike so many where the unit is in the apartment (usually next to the bedroom!) and makes quite a bit of noise. However, the outdoor air conditioner compressors are all grouped together - 16, count 'em - and that's QUITE a racket in the summer. So windows are always closed at night in the summer or your ears just throb from the noise. I guess that wasn't a positive comment... DId I mention the relatively low rent and heat included?
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Kensington Manor Apartments

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