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Maple Park Terraces



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 12/09/2007
I have recently heard a radio ad on Banana 101.5 that talks about how wonderful it is to live at Maple Park Terraces. The ad mentions all of the beautiful amenities and how you simply can't find a better value in an apartment. The problem is that all of the amenities are not so beautiful. Let me begin with the "state of the art" work out center. I have lived here for a couple years and we still have all of the same old, worn out equipment. There are machines that don't even work and haven't for years. The t.v. is busted and has been, and the radio is also broken. The ceiling also leaks when it rains so the carpet near the treadmills gets wet and smells of mold(nice to breath when your running). Sometimes when you go to work out, you can't get in because the key card system does not work, this usually happens on the week-end when the office is closed. Next there is a "beautiful playground for children" which consists of the rotten remains of what used to be a sand box, and a rickety old 2 seat swing set. The chains and hardware are old and rusty (can you say Tetanus shot?) and there is jagged concreate sticking out where the posts used to be buried (Genesys emergency room - here we come!)The grounds are well kept-so well kept that they even water the parking lot and sidewalks. I always enjoy a good game of dodge the sprinklers on the way to my car. Also if you park in the front row the sprinklers will leave water spots all over your car (always nice right after you pay to get it washed.) But wait - they do offer a state of the art car wash facility- there is a hose next to the dumpster where the road narrows,so if your into smelling trash and blocking traffic you can wash your car for free there. There is also a volley ball court near the clubhouse which is actually pretty nice. They even supplied a volley ball, which was later stolen by a member of the "quality crowd" along with all of the cds in my car, and the maintainance truck. Now about the apartments. The apartments are actually pretty nice for the money. The appliances are old but functional (except for our one stove burner that has never worked.) and the kitchens are generally outdated. However, the windows are old, thin, and drafty. One of the biggest problems is that in the winter air whips right throught the air conditioning vents on the exterior walls and into your apartment through the air return. So there is always a cold draft near the floor. Maintainence says there is nothing they can do, so you just have to deal with it and pay to heat the outside world. You usually can't hear your neighbors but you can hear people in the hallway and people above you, if you live on the ground floor. Oh, and don't even get me started on the cable and internet wiring here! I have had Comcast come out to my apartment countless times because of problems with my high-speed internet. They finally figured out that because the wiring in the apartments is so old, it is often faulty and does not deliver the internet signal that it should. Maple Park Terraces can pay to replace it, but that will be a cold day in hell... On a better note, the staff is usually friendly except for the manager, who is generally condescending when you speak to him. The maintainence used to be pretty good but has really went down hill in the last year or two. Overall, if you are in school and need a place for a couple years it's OK. I would not recomend living here longer than that.
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Maple Park Terraces

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