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352 Bradley Avenue, Flint, MI 48503
352 Bradley Avenue, Flint, MI 48503

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Sunset Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2006 Not Recommended

Reviewed 02/18/2007

Like the other ratings, this place started out great until your ceiling leaked, the toilet broke and your car started to get broken into, then it was "beyond their control" according to the office and litterally many months to fix a leak in the ceiling. my friend still lives there and has a bathroom ceiling falling in on her for over 9 months now... (covered in black mold and litteraly gone!) not yet a visit to fix it, you can see the metal support screan from the old plaster that is fallen off.<br>sometimes they have a friendly staff person who seems to be normal but they never last long, and are replaced by insensitive heartless and usually inexperienced people. The only time they return a call or try to contact you is if your late on your rent... even if your apartment is falling apart.<br>They have lied about security!<br>They have lied about features!<br>I left because i did not feel safe any longer and i could no longer fix my own apartment myself! <br>( you sign a lease, you get stuck, or like me i had to stay there until i could afford to get out)<br>TONY STOCKTON is now the owner and he was the rudest man i have ever met in my life! The place would be great if someone else with a brain bought it and fixed it up and put money into it instead of being a slumlord!!! <br>I wish Tony Stockton and his sidekick Sarah had to live here for a year in an apartment the renters picked out!!! <br>Stay Away! Tell EVERYONE to STAY AWAY!!!!
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Sunset Village

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