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Somerset Apartments



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foxxx1991 • Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/17/2013
This place is a complete joke... The building is like 60 years old and has seen only minimal changes. My apartment came with blinds that had been cut with scissors to match the length of the window, parts of the walls unpainted, disgusting vents filled with decades of dust and dead insects, and the smell of weed smoke coming out of them when turned on. That is just what it was like moving in. Once I actually got to get a feel for how our renting experience would be I realized that management did not care about anything at all. Currently, the door to the outside has been broken and anyone can just come right into the complex. Also the lights in the parking lot are never repaired and it leaves a dark parking lot which is dangerous on the ice in the winder which they do nothing about. I have to call them to tell them to plow the lot or mow the grass. Our apartment has appliances that are 20 years old and break regularly with no response from anyone when I request repairs... and if a repair person does come in, they come without notice and barge into your apartment leaving whatever greasy mess behind for you to clean up and leaving no information on the repair at all and it usually still isn't fixed even after that. We have had the kitchen flooded on multiple occasions and the furnace leaking with no response for weeks, leaving us to try our best to fix the issues. Also, bugs are a huge issue. I have seen giant wolf spiders the size of a tennis ball and we currently have an earwig infestation with over 20 earwigs at a time we have to spray to get rid of them and it still does nothing because of the poorly insulated old building. Stay away from here. The rent is cheap, but in this case you get what you pay for, this place is a pile of crap.
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Somerset Apartments

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