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320 Terrace Drive, Flushing, MI 48433
320 Terrace Drive, Flushing, MI 48433

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Somerset Apartments



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Kirstent810 • Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2018
in the last week This place has changed drastically since they got rid of Ashley (they brought her back for a month and she left, can't imagine why,) the manager that was here when I moved in. And to be honest if i could give less than a star I would. They changed my hot water heater in 2015 and never fixed the drywall. I reported my toliet and fridge constantly running NOVEMBER 5th 2017! Nothing. We ended up fixing the damn toliet ourselves. Reported the fridge again last week and several other repairs that are needed. Haven't heard anything. Of course I have to call and repeatedly ask for things to be repaired and get nothing. Half of the time your phone calls go unanswered and you have to blow up the phone just to get an answer. When I reported my fridge issue for the second time last week she acted like it was my first time reporting it which goes to show there is absolutely no organization in that office. My moldy bathtub that lacks sealant (which I've also reported) is now leaking from the handle and water is somehow getting all over my bathroom floor (so possibly leaking inside the wall.) Basically was told they'll get to it when they can. The back parking lot is SO HORRIBLE (snow) that cars get stuck (I got stuck myself,) and I complained about that too, got told sorry it's hard to plow when there are always cars back there, well first of all no ----, it's an apartment complex parking lot, it's called send your maitence guys out to shovel or use a snow blower I mean CONSIDERING IT'S YOUR JOB TO MAINTAIN THIS PLACE. She also said she keeps a shovel in her car for when the snow is bad. As if she were trying to encourage me to do the same. ???? Uh absolutely not, that is not my job. Just like it wasn't my job to fix my toliet.
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Somerset Apartments

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