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320 Terrace Drive, Flushing, MI 48433
320 Terrace Drive, Flushing, MI 48433

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Somerset Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2019 - 2020 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2020
Where do I even begin...I was 19 when my boyfriend and I got our apartment here and we thought it'd be a nice place to start our lives together but oh how I was wrong. The only thing decent is the look outside but even that gives an ominous air. Firstly the apartment was not even clean when we moved in, dirt and liquid spills everywhere. Plus a broken window that to this day has not been fixed. The insides are small and cramped with severely outdated appliances, all of which are 25+ years old. The refrigerator has a horrifying smell always and the dishwasher filled up with mold after a few months. The maintenance did nothing about it. All the cabinets in the kitchen are from the early seventies and falling apart because they are stapled and glued together. Of course maintenance blames us. We had no A/C for 3 weeks at the hottest part of the summer, it was 90 every day in our apartment. I told Michelle (landlady) about the issue and one week later I told her again and the response I got was "Oh, I forgot, sorry". She then waited another full week to even have maintenance look at it but they are so incompetent that they had a different company do it for them, which took another week. Our toilet backed up once due to the previous tenant shoving a broken mason jar down our toilet. The "maintenance team" broke the toilet which now only "kind of" works plus they left poop water all over our bathroom for us to clean up so that was great. If your garbage disposal ever fully breaks they will NOT replace it. The storage units are not well put together and very easy to break into, plus they don't have any cameras down there. The ratio of nice people to horribly mean people in this building is probably 1/10. Most people will glare at you, shut and lock the building door behind them even if you're carrying a lot. They will pull your clothes out of the washing/drying machines and throw them on the ground for you. They will also throw extremely trivial complaints on you whenever possible. They will knock on your door and try to fight you (this happened once and I still don't know why). And then the final cherry on top of this garbage heap is that they are trying to double charge us for last month's rent. I already paid for it when we moved in, I even confirmed with Michelle 3 weeks ago to make sure last month's rent was covered and she said yes. Now on Friday she leaves a notice in our mailbox that says we owe last month's rent or we have 7 days to vacate our apartment. Since it's Friday we now have to waste 2 of those days to see what kind of crap she's trying to pull on us. I'm not giving them money I already gave them. In summation if you respect yourself or if you want to be happy this is NOT the place for you. And to Michelle, Chris, and the tall lanky dude with the glasses: I hope you all get fired but even that doesn't seem good enough. You idiots will get your judgement day eventually.
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Somerset Apartments

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