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Somerset Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/01/2011
Do not live here. The management is lazy and unresponsive, the apartments are old and not well maintained, and the whole place is a mess. The cops are here regularly and on two separate occasions there have been signs of forced entry on my apartment. Be prepared to be disturbed by loud music at all hours of the day. The hallways reek of smoke, and the lighting everywhere is poor. The management staff is lazy and inattentive. Everything needs repair. Almost all of the lights in the rear parking lot are out, the asphalt is in crappy condition with large pot holes, the tennis courts are locked and closed, the poor is opened as late as possible in the summer season, the buzzer system is broken, the doors are broken, and the appliances in the apartments are garbage. If you live here you can look forward to being routinely woken up at night by cops solving disputes, loud music, and other disturbances. You can look forward to rushing to your apartment from the dark, abandoned parking lot for fear of your safety, which regularly has tenants out at all hours of the night playing music in their cars and being disruptive. You can look forward to electric bills that touch close to $200 due to the 50 year old air conditioners. You can look forward to your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of July, only to have the management wait over a week to fix it because it is considered a convenience, while abandoning your apartment as it reaches 120F. You can look forward to closed and locked tennis courts that were advertised. You can look forward to passive aggressive notices informing you of new creative fees the management will charge you. You can look forward to the repair man leaving your door unlocked after completing repairs. You can look forward to a rate-hike after the first year of living. You can look forward to living in an awful smelling apartment. You can look forward to an apartment manager who's never on the premise and actively ignores your calls. Also, most of the positive reviews on this site are from the management staff. This place is terrible. Please, do yourself a favor and look somewhere else. If you do live here, good luck!
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Somerset Apartments

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