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Somerset Apartments



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Resident 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 08/12/2011
The last review was a bit extreme. Its really not that bad. No one is going to attack you in the parking lot, it is in Flushing people, be realistic. The rent here is cheaper than you are going to find it anywhere else so yeah it attracts alot of college kids and some other not so nice trashy/------ people who do come in blaring their car stereos at all hours.The management isn't great, shes hard to get a hold of and you can tell from the beginning that shes not very friendly and that she just wants you to sign your lease and be done with you. If you bother her enough your things will get fixed. The thing I hate the most about living here is that the people who live here are slobs, not all but i can't tell you how many times i go in the hallway and find trash, food, wrappers, anything you name it and outside the doors there is all ways water bottle and cigarette butts,(oh and there was a memo posted on the apartment door that said "If you are found throwing cigarette butts on the ground $50 will be added to your rent" and someone wrote on it "can we have an ashtray please" because the other building has one , but do you think that happened?Either way you would think people would have enough common sense to pick up after themselves but like i said its cheap here so it attracts alot of TRASH people.The buzzers are broken and have been for a long time, not sure why they're not getting fixed and now there is graffiti on the sidewalk, wonder how long it will take before they fix that too. Also new memo posted on the apartment door(not all just one, I just happened to see it when I went to get my mail) that said if you need an extra apartment or mail box key it will now cost you $50. I just laughed at that. I wouldn't recommend it for people with children,it's not unsafe but it can be noisy and there is no where for them to play outside.It would be great for any college kid trying to save money. You get what you pay for so you can't really complain that much.:)
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Somerset Apartments

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