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Perry Place Apartments



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Office Staff
wasnttold • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2005
They turned my building into a pet building in the middle of my lease. I was told that I could move if I wanted (at my work and expense of course) then when I wanted out of the lease due to this problem I was told I had to pay for a month because I did not give them a 30 day notice. This is absolute stupidness on managements part. I know tons of people in the Grand Blanc area (as well does my two grown children) can you imagine how many people we will tell this to?! Okay..so they get the $350.00 but lose a lot more than that due to word of mouth. By the way....they are planning another building to become a pet building right across from me. Thats right, it will be 3 buildings in a row. So those of you in building 12 will be next...the office told me so. <br> Also you dont have hot water or even water at least once a month.<br> When my air conditioner (window unit...what a mistake) broke I was told that they didnt have "backups" and it could take a few weeks to replace. This was during this last summer when it was 90 degrees almost everyday...and I am on the third floor!<br> Needless to say, I am outta here. <br> Hey management...you have the power to change all these bad ratings...just put yourself in the renters position on a hot summers day without water, air, and a dog barking all nite.
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Perry Place Apartments

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