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Northview Harbor



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/26/2007
Living here wasn't too bad. The area was nice and the apartments weren't too terribly bad (a little older, but the cheaper rent justified it). I wasn't too fond of my neighbors, but that's chance anyone takes. During my year tenancy there, a few things got damaged. Nothing too major. I'd describe it as a little over the line of wear and tear. A door handle got cracked, one of the screens had a small hole in it, the carpet had some fades from walking on it. I figured that they would deduct a small portion from my security deposit to compensate for losses. Boy, was I wrong. Not only did they take the entire security deposit; they sent me a bill for over $750.00. Claims on the ledger were that they had to replace large sections of the carpet, the sliding screen door was in ruins, and the door was destroyed. I was floored by this. Once the suprise subsided, the anger set in. I sent them a certified letter asking for pictures/work orders, etc with no response. A month later I got a 'final demand' letter in the mail stating if the balance wasn't paid by such-and-such date, it would be reported to a collection agency who would then report it to the credit bureaus. I sent back another certified letter claiming I would persue legal action if this happened as this was tantamount to defimation of character w/ no response. Two phone calls went unreturned. A month later, a collection agency sent me a letter demanding payment. Over the past year I have been fighting with them and finally settled the balance just to make it go away. I would implore anyone interested in these apartments to look elsewhere. There is a bevy of apartments around this area and numerous houses for rent. If you do decide to sign a lease with Northview Harbor, stay proactive during move out. Take your own pictures, demand an accompanied walkthrough. Get them to sign off before you turn in your keys. You'll be glad you did. Trust me.
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Northview Harbor

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