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Wyndham Hill



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I've lived here for few years, and have to say this place is a far sight better than most of the alternatives. It's tacky construction, like most apartments. The windows leak air like crazy and the appliances were old and decrepit. Since I've been here, they've replaced the miniature washer/dryer with new (used) full sized ones, gave me a no-defrost refrigerator, and a new dishwasher. The hot water heater died too and they replaced that. The gas stove is an antique with a pilot light. I didn't even know they made them like that anymore. I put those cellophane window coverings on the windows which cuts down on the drafts and just leave them up all year. I suspect there's little or no insulation in the attic and walls. The increased cost of your heating bill isn't coming out of their pocket. I thought it was worth it to put a fiberglass blanket over the (outside) hot water heater which is on your porch in a little shed, and cover the pipes with foam insulation. Not having those basic construction items is clearly a cheap-out. When it gets windy the whole place creaks. It's really quiet where I live and I have never had any problem with the noise I see reference to in other reviews. The fact it costs a little more to live here than the other places around Knapp St. means the renters are a better class of people compared to the competition. It seems like mostly grad students, med students, a few college students, medical residents, people like X-ray techs and nurses who work at Spectrum, a few families and a few older folks. I keep my car in the garage almost 100% of nights and have never had any problem with the auto vandalism they've had here. Maintenance is a little spotty. When they replaced my washer, it took a few times until they got it right. They connected the hold and cold water hoses backwards, among other issues. It took a couple weeks to get a plugged drain serviced. Mostly they're better than that though. They had a murder here a couple years ago but it was a domestic thing. It wasn't a robbery or anything like that. I'm unaware of no crime other than the cars getting broken into when people left their laptops in plain view sort-of-thing. The high-speed internet got better recently with respectable download speeds. The grounds folks do a great job. I was in the apt where they had that fire somebody else wrote about and I think he's right: the lint has never been removed from the dryer ductwork. It's convenient to shopping, movies, expressways. The only alternative I can think of for a renter that might be better is Stone Creek in Ada that has a workout facility but it's also like $400/month (!!) more in rent. The other Cambridge Partners place "Woodland Creek" has an indoor pool you can use but it's a good 25 minute drive to get there from Wyndham hill. I've had no problems with the staff.
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Wyndham Hill

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