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Beachwood Apartments



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Office Staff
eldiablorojo9 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/30/2005
This place rocked when we first moved here in 2004. There was nice young lady in the office named Danielle who was a hard charger and handled problem neighbors aggressively. She is gone now...and things just keep getting worse.<br><br>The major problem is noise...and neighbors being inconsiderate and partying on their porches at all hours of the night. Then you have the "thugs" who boom their car stereos every time they pull into the lot. The kids in my courtyard are disrepectful and damage the landscaping. My courtyard used to have nice grass and green trees. The unsupervised kids have killed one tree already...broke it's branches and stripped of the bark. Then they dig holes in the lawn. The white trash neighbors have lawn parties and next day there are like a hundred cigarette butts on the laun or the sidewalk. Trash all round the dumpsters because the kids who take the trash out just drop the trash alongside the dunmpster...and then there's the neighbors who just leave it on their porch and the management merely threatens them with $25 fine...but they still do it. People puking in the courtyards and peeing in the bushes. Unsupervised kids in the pool...destroying chairs and whizzing footballs by your head...even thought balls and rafts and stuff are a no no.<br><br>Grease monkeys working on their cars and leaving discarded oil containers all over...this place used to care about it's renters....and then the economy hit the skids...and now every piece of white trash gets the keys to an apt...and it goes down hill even more.<br><br>Maintenance crew is prompt and very nice...but alot of these units are very old. Closet doors can;t shut because there is no door jam. I can;t really complain about maintenance service...although this past summer there were tons of cigarette butts and crap in the pool and on the pool deck. They seem to be renting to more and more punks....
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Beachwood Apartments

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