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Old Orchard



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
Hi all, Also moved into second story apartment in early 2010. I had practically the same experience as the person "not what we expected" commented on. Police showed up Cat urine smell The apartment itself smells of pot Poorly lit and dark NOISE My biggest concern is you can hear everything and I mean everything your neighbor does above you. You can tell exactly where they are walking at all times of day and night(didnt help the people above were drug dealers). We had to turn up the tv and air conditioner to try to block out the noise from the neighbors walking above. Every footstep makes a creaking and thudding noise. It was so annoying because after a long day of work we would come home and all we would hear from 5p.m. to midnight is the thudding of footsteps. Then on weekends when we wanted to sleep in, we were woken again by thuds and footsteps and could not sleep past 7 a.m.! The problem is the buildings are very very old and the wooden beams are loose and squeaky. Also the cement is cracked so noise can penetrate through the floors very easily(we found this out when they removed the carpet to repaint the floor because the previous tenants had cats and the urine smell was bad). YAY another plus! The only good thing we found was the park down the street but if you can't enjoy where you live, whats the point? Also when we moved out(we were very nice, left the apartment in perfect condition and even cleaned the apartment before we left) they refused to give us our deposit back because it says in the contract you need to give them your new address within 9 days of moving. That was the only thing we didn't do. Then when our deposit check didn't arrive in the mail, we contacted the apartment manager. She said WE would need to "call corporate" because it was no longer her responsibility( a very nice way to treat your customers after they have paid all their rent on time and kept the apartment in perfect condition). For summary: if you are extremely desperate and decide to rent at old orchard, make sure to read the part about how long you have to give them your new address before you loose the deposit. Hope this helps! Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/MI-Holt-Old-Orchard-11
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Old Orchard

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