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Old Orchard



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
Basically... I think I've seen it all on here. Old Orchard is an extremely frustrating place to live. For the past 11 months our oven has NEVER worked right.. even though they have "fixed" it multiple times, just as they have fixed all of our sinks and our toilet the same amount of times.. and guess what, they are all still BROKE. You need to be a handy man to live here so you can fix all of your own stuff. They don't clear the drive very well in the winter, it's always covered with some sort of snow/ice mix, they don't care if people park in "No parking" zones, and half the time they are our of the office by 4 when they are supposed to be open til 5.. so I can never speak with them anyway. But, I guess it's as everyone says.. you get what you pay for, so if your looking for a CHEAP apartment, be prepared to have the CHEAP fixes done.. OVER and OVER again. Did I mention that the heat was broke in our apartment also? They fixed that multiple times also.. only for our heat to be off all winter and our apartment stayed at a lovely 85 degrees. Also, if your concerned with laundry, they did have 2 washers ($1.25) and 2 dryers ($1.50) for the 12 units in our building, and they were always full. But don't worry, you could hear everything (even on the 3rd floor and the laundry is in the basement) so you'll know when the buzzers go off. Have fun at these apartments for me.. because it was HELL for me..
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Old Orchard

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