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Old Orchard



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I like many others went to the internet to find an apartment. I decided to ignore the reviews about this place and chalk it up to "It can't be that bad". This place is horrible. The ONLY positive thing I will say about this place is the management has been fantastic, any problem I had was fixed almost the same day. Now with that being said. The place reaks of smoke, it seemed that every tenant in the complex has a cigarette in their mouth. It seeps through the heating ducks, up through the drains, everywhere. No amount of cleaning or air fresheners get rid of it. Good luck using the washer and dryer in the facility. All your clothes will smell like smoke after. I also have never met more shady unfriendly people in my entire life. There are people constantly yelling and playing loud music, and screaming in the parking lot, usually at 2 AM. There is no respect for anyone's privacy. It seems all activity is done from the hours of 12-5 AM. The walls are like paper. You won't have a problem waking up in the morning, because you can hear everyone's alarm clock, and that's no joke. You can hear every noise from every apartment near you, including people walking outside. There is a crappy air conditioner thats built into the wall instead of the window that does nothing. Prepare to roast your butt off in the summer. The water bill is shared through the building, you pay everyone else's water. It will always be the same price regardless of what you use. The windows are absolutely insane, any wind, they howl like a haunted house. You can literally close the window and hold a piece of paper next to it, and see it move from the breeze. It makes the heating in the winter almost non existent. Don't don't don't live here. This place not a apartment complex it's a zoo.
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Old Orchard

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