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Canterbury Woods



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/19/2018
My family and myself have been residents of this complex for close to nine years. In that time we've experienced both ups and downs in this place we call home. Safety is a significant concern here.There have been at least three major fires in the past two years alone, one as recently as this past Sunday (November, 2018). This latest incident has caused my family and myself great concern regarding the careless people that they allow to rent here, the safety and structure of these old and outdated buildings, and the policies that govern this place. Fires notwithstanding, personal safety overall has been an ongoing concern for years. A few years ago, my sister who rented here at the time was witness to an assault just outside her window. Alone in her home and in fear for her life, she could do little but listen and try not to make herself a target. There have been break ins, shootings, vandalism, issues with a person setting informational flyers on fire, so on and so forth. The so called "gated" part of this community is nothing more than a gate bar on the incoming side of the entrance. This "gate" is managed by people who just sit and watch television, letting every average Joe drive in without checking I.D, or asking intentions. This process used to be better. It has steadily decreased. The outgoing traffic side is unbarred, free to be travelled by any car desperate enough to try their luck. The rest of the complex is a mostly open field, with points of entry unguarded, where anyone can walk in and out unmonitored. The more dangerous of these points being the area in the back the city calls a "park", which is just a fancy term for the junky, trash filled, needle depository, death trap where I would never let my children play. I wouldn't let a cat have kittens there. That all being said, security has been given a slight upgrade. A private security force has been added the past few years, giving residents the illusion that they are protected and their valuables are safe. These glorified mall cops do little more than issue warnings and call the real police if a person is non compliant. The pool is a cesspool of loud, obnoxious children, and even ruder, louder adults (some who don't even live here) during the summer. We have found the best time to swim is when they first open, and that's only if you trust the pool hasn't been peed in or pooped in. Public community pools are safer, to be honest. The rails and ladders are poorly secured, a risk if it should give under the pressure of the person using it to get in and out. Management has been an adventure to say the least. The manager when we first arrived was pretty great, if a bit of a hardass. After she left we had several years of poor management and miscommunication. If I were to state an accurate comparison, Canterbury woods is a bit like how the US has been managed in the past say, twelve years. One disaster after another. The current "administration" is trying their best, but is falling short. It's one of those times where you just have to pack your belongings, while you still have them, and get the hell out of Dodge. This place is in serious need of an upgrade all around. It needs better maintenance, better management, upgraded buildings, full security, a gated community that is actually gated,and a more thorough screening process for allowing people to live here. The only up I can give is that they finally came to their senses and made renters insurance mandatory. While for the time being I still call this place home, it is safe to say that by the time my lease is up, I will have found a better, safer place to live.
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Canterbury Woods

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