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Cherry Hill Manor Apartments



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themanorisghetto • Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2010
This place is overall ok. I lived there for almost two years. They will offer you a low rent initially, then hike it up after the first term. My apartment had no problems initially, except the constant smell of really BAD cooking from the other tenants. Also, the washer and dryer were useless, as the other reviewers mentioned. The only other problems were that the dishwasher and toilet broke. The walls are thin, so be sure to check out who you are moving next to/above/below. The last 6 months I have heard the screams of the bratty two year old next door all day and through the night, and even in my dreams since I moved out. Don't expect to make friends here, as most of the people living here don't speak English. My roommate and I were both in school and working, and quiet most of the time, but if we invited more than two people over on a Friday or Saturday, the police were called on us for noise pollution, even if we were just watching a movie. Maintenance staff is hard-working and they do their best to handle complaints quickly. The office staff is rude, sloppy looking and unprofessional. The pool is nothing special, and the weight room is gross. For the price, you have to put up with a lot, but the overall look and feel of the place is comfortable and roomy. Parking reminded me of a sporting event parking lot, as I had to park a city block away from my apartment after 5 pm. Not worth the money, but the entertainment you see on a daily basis is hilarious. Family brawls, domestic disturbances, windows breaking and broken down cars are all a daily part of living at the MANOR. If you have a sense of humor, and don't take the situation too seriously, it's an alright place to live.
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Cherry Hill Manor Apartments

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