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Springbrook Meadows



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/06/2010
My family lived here for two years in a two bedroom. We were new parents, a little younger, but both working so we could afford something nicer. We specifically went to this apartment complex because it seemed quieter, and it was not what we expected... we have had friends live in many of the rent controlled apartments that get a bad rap in Jackson, and their apartment living was not significantly different. We had the same trouble with neighbors as anyone, people smoking in hallways, loud neighbors, you name it. There are a few complexes that are perhaps a little rowdier, but you can find many at a comparable size that are much cheaper and just as quiet. We had trouble with the office manager on several occasions. Whenever we addressed a question or concern to her, she seemed to treat us with the automatic suspicion that it was our fault. I am not sure if this is because we were young, or if she treats everyone like this. We were not bad tenants, in the two years we lived there we paid rent late by one day ONCE, and we were quiet and kept the rules. She, on the other hand, was often defensive and abrasive, and I did not like dealing with her. She seemed to want to deal with concerns more swiftly than intelligently. And on two occasions that I know of (perhaps more that I don't know about) she outright lied to us and did not do what she promised to do, including not returning a portion of our deposit that she promised to return. The apartment complex bills itself as luxury, but I am not sure why at all. It advertises free fitness room and pool, but those are not on site. The apartments appear to be in good repair, but on living there for just a over a month we began to see shoddy workmanship and poor materials - specifically in the way the kitchen floor was laid down, and the installation of the carpet (it was clear some parts had no padding underneath). The cabinetry is about the cheapest you can get, get marks easily and was often falling off the hinges. The only thing "luxury" about it was the fact that a small washer and dryer are included in the rental price: so do yourself a favor, spend $500 for a cheap set (because that's all their's is) and spent $100-$200 less a month for a different apartment. The only thing redeeming about this place is the maintenance staff. They are friendly, on site, and efficient. We had a LOT of maintenance problems in the apartment, and we always had a positive experience with our maintenance staff. The only thing negative I could say about that is that on ONE occasion, when we had a water leakage emergency, the pager was not assigned to a staff member, and we did not get a hold of them until the office opened the next day. But they were there just shortly after the office opened and took care of our problem as effectively as they could and very thoroughly. The only reason we didn't move out after our first year's lease was up was because we thought in one more year we could get a house and didn't want to move for just a year. When, after the 2nd year, we still couldn't afford a home, we decided it was wasn't worth the extra $30/mo they hiked up our rent and moved out - we are now renting a 3 bedroom, 1300 Sq ft house for the same price that we were renting a 2 bedroom, 900 sq ft apartment. *** one small additional note - I noticed positive reviews prior to 2008, and negative after. I know that when we spoke with the office manager in 2008 just after we moved in, she stated she had just taken over.... so bear that in mind if you read earlier reviews.
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Springbrook Meadows

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