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Springport Glen Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/20/2013
The manager here is just a pawn she knows nothing about being a manager, just told by how ever purchased this place. Nobody to go above manager at all. The noise level is terrible, getting all kinds crap people in here that don't care about anybody else living in same unit. Mold in the A/C vents and Furnance vents, insects crawl in and out of them, have own furnance pay for heat but never do cleaning of furnace machinery dont' clean the duct work period can look full pet hair, the manager doesn't tell the truth about stuff, have all kinds dog feces all over proerty, dogs run without leashes, not required to have license which means no rabbie shots, people come in rent and have illegal dogs or cats, the hallway carpeting is nasty it reminds the smell of a musoleum(musty) spiders all over, dog piss on walls,people come in and dumpster dive, dogs allways barking, grass looks terrible with the yellow spots from dog urine. Maintenance staff does crappy job at repairing things, they take forever to get around to fix things. Seems like just care about collecting the rent money period and they don't repair outside of buildings! Parking lot is very unsafe not enough lighting at night time. Front door locks don't work half the time or people prop doors open. Need a better manager as when people complain nothing never done about the situation can have lots of lease violations and nothing done. Police are over here coiple times a week. Don't rent here you will be sorry!!!! Laundry room in buildings except for one they show you over by office are very nasty, not cleaned at all.
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Springport Glen Apartments

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