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Springport Glen Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2013
Terrible place on all counts. -PARKING: good luck getting a space. This is party central and the spaces are almost always taken up by non-residents. There is also a lot of double parking going on and in our own personal experience had a tenant park their broken-down moped in one of the front spaces and left it unmoved for a month before management finally took the complaints seriously. We also had someone vomit all over my car and left it there for me to find on my way to work the next morning. -NOISE: We could hear EVERY move the upstairs neighbor made, every word spoken. This is annoying in itself, but can't be helped right? Well, this neighbor also felt the need to have parties on week nights (completely trashed the parking lot with garbage and empty cans), vacuum at 1-3 am, stomp, scream, and slam their cabinets/drawers, and the pi ce de r sistance had extremely loud (HOWLING, SCREAMING, SHUT-UP-HE'S-NOT-THAT-GOOD)intercourse anywhere from 3 to 5 am. Management refused to do anything, despite multiple complaints (that we know of). Other than that particular neighbor; people yelling in the halls, people fighting in the parking lot, people bouncing basketballs outside of our widows while having loud conversations with people on the balconies, cars with subs blasting music in the parking lot while waiting for...something, and a lot of screaming kids. -GROUNDS: The entrance to the complex is beautiful. Everything else is terrible; garbage everywhere, boards falling off the sides of the building (upon move out we found out this was due to termites and we only found this out because my car was covered in them--management did not feel the need to inform us of this safety hazard), dog feces everywhere, dead squirrels and chipmunks, cigarette butts everywhere, not to mention we found used hypodermic needles in the parking lot (when we called management, I had to explain to them what hypodermic needles were and what they were used for). -SAFETY: I will reiterate the black vents, termite infested buildings, and the hypodermic needles. Additionally, the shrubs and mail stations limit viability when pulling out of the individual parking lots. I was almost hit twice by people speeding through the complex (limit is supposed to be 10 mph)because I couldn't see oncoming traffic. Additionally, I was harassed by a large group of men when I was out walking by myself in the complex. -CONSTRUCTION: Again, there boards falling off of the complex due to termites. Sound carried through everything, our heating bill was ridiculous, we had the knob for hot water in the shower fall off, the seal on the shower head was very poor, and the general layout was cramped. -MAINTENANCE: We couldn't depend on maintenance for anything. Granted that's partly due to the fact that management resisted sending them out for most things. When we needed them to fix the hot-water knob in the shower (because it was streaming non-stop and we couldn't turn it off) we got absolutely no notice that they were going to be sent or when they would be sent. They entered our apartment without our knowledge (not a big deal, just irritating) and tracked dirt and oil all over our WHITE carpet. They also left screws and other unidentifiable materials all over the apartment. -STAFF: I will give the office staff this; they are incredibly nice. Always pleasant, no matter what business you have with them. Unfortunately, they are incredibly incompetent. They saw us every month, sometimes multiple times a month, but never knew who we were. We made several written complaints about the things going on in the complex which we later found out they were misplacing (or maybe just throwing away). They couldn't answer any questions, rarely answered the phone, didn't check their answering machine. They also forgot a total of 3 times that we had informed them (in writing) that we were not renewing our lease, even going as far as informing us that if we failed to give them notice they would be automatically renewing our lease for us. -FINAL THOUGHT: Unless you are into the party scene and have no where to be in the mornings I would suggest looking elsewhere.
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Springport Glen Apartments

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