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Springport Glen Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2012
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Office Staff
I live here and have been here for almost 5 years. I'm only on this site because my hours have been cut back at work and I'm considering making a move to save money. I just happened to see the recent reviews and felt the need to give my input. It is true that these buildings are old and there isnt really much for kids to do here. I have been here long enough to see a whole lot of changes with the community & the staff here. I live in the same building as the Leasing office and I will tell you that the manager who took over several months ago works longer & harder than anyone I've ever met. To those of you who live here, when you drive by at night and see a light in the back of he office- that is because she is there working several nights every week until almost daylight. I only know this because I stopped in to let her know that someone was leaving lights on at night and she apologized and asked if it bothered us. I do know that they have had alot of turnover in the maintaenance staff and I dont think they have resolved the issue because when it snows you will see her outside shoveling sidewalks. I also noticed that she is out on the property knocking on doors and dlivering papers often which is much different than what the old manager did (he never left his office). I have made only one complaint (dog poop smeared through hallway inside building) and I will tell you that the manager clearly cares alot for the property because I watched her grab carpet cleaner and a sponge and go clean the mess heself. She does seem very busy during the day but if you live here and have a problem, I am sure that you will get answers if you stop in to see her. I remember this young woman working in the front office and collecting my rent. She was so talkative and kind for years. Now that she is the manager I can tell that she is very "matter of fact" and comes of as very busy and she is less likely to strike up a conversation about the weather or just to be nice. The new people in the office are ok but dont appear nearly as friendly or organized as the manager used to be when she was in that seat. I can tell you that many of my neighbors moved in here because of her and how much she cared for them when they applied, and some do get the feeling that nobody cares anymore and I dont think thats the case, I just think she may be overworked and could use a better team of people to deal with the residents. As for the apartments themselves, they are old but the manager will replace all things when needed. I believe this is a fair price for the quality of the apartments. I sure do hope they add a playground for kids someday because right now the kids run around looking for trouble. Overall I have been happy here and dont want to leave.
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Springport Glen Apartments

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