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Springport Glen Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
In the one year that my family and I lived here, I can say with full confidence this is not where I recommend anyone live. Whether you're single or have a family, please consider your budget and stretch your dollar to go elsewhere. The low cost (which has since gone up and is now way too much in comparison to the quality of apartment you will get) is not worth the many sacrifces you will make to live here. The office staff far exceeds the definition of unprofessional, and while this is likely to be your biggest problem while living here, this is only one of many. They enforce policies they have no documentation of having, and along with that even verbal knowledge is not offered to their so called valued tenants. Along with stealing, yes STEALING, your money after unknown policies are forced upon you they have no problem immediately sending you documentation to begin court proceedings in order to obtain this money that they are fully aware is not theirs to take. Since they know they will ultimately have what is yours in the end and that there's nothing you can do about it, you will decide you're a better person than to try and leave them high and dry, you will pay the thives their money. When doing this, at the site of your face they will hang their heads in shame or hide in their office so the new girl can awkwardly assist you because they KNOW what they have done is so terribly wrong. This is not only unprofessional and unheard of from a business standpoint, but it makes you wonder what else goes on behind the scenes of this company who clearly has no moral fiber whatsoever. If you should ever come into any situation where maintenance is involved, big or small, I highly advise you complete the job yourself. Should maintenance ever arrive to do the job, the quality of work will cause you to redo what they've done anyways. That being said, plan on A LOT being wrong with your apartment in any way you can imagine. Anything that could be wrong will be, and if it's not that way when you move in you can definitely plan on it going wrong in very little time. I find it hard to believe this place is up to any code apartment complexes enforce, with no exaggeration I would rate this one step up from living in a homeless shelter, and that's ONLY because you have a separate unit and not a shared area with strangers. Insects, mice, mold, completely stained and filthy carpet and flooring, broken doors, cabinets, and windows, hardly functioning appliances, holes in walls and ceilings, and extremely poor repair jobs on anything fixed prior to your move in are only skimming the surface when it comes to the inconveniences you will face while living here. There is one washer and dryer per building, and aside from the fact that it's already an inconvenience paying to do laundry, the machines NEVER working properly or at all, will either cause you to pay double what you should or send you to the laundromat. Should you ever have a problem, you will not be given help, a solution, or even empathy; but should springport glen have a problem with YOU, you better believe you'll be hearing from them via poorly written and grammatically incorrect letter, often. The paper thin walls will allow you to know exactly what is going on with each of the surrounding units, and while this is great for the nosey person anyone else is forced to suffer. The outdoor area receiving minor cosmetic updates is laughable, and what a waste of time and money. During the construction not only were tenants woke up first thing by the noise, but our entrance to the building and parking lots were inaccessible at times. Not to mention all three of our screens were torn, and one window damaged by the workers. I really could go on about the many things that make this place such a nightmare to be a part of, but I'm not sure there is enough that could be said to meausre up to what you'll feel like actually being a tenant. When the glorious day arrives when your lease is up (if you make it that far), you don't even care where you will go next because you're too overjoyed knowing you will no longer call springport glen home. I hope this review will serve as a very serious warning to anyone considering living here. As a wife and a mother very concerned with health and safety, ethics, professionalism, as well as placing value on how human beings are treated, I only want to help as many as I can avoid the devastating experience myself and my family had all thanks to this place. Thank you and God bless!
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Springport Glen Apartments

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