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Campus Court at Knollwood



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Office Staff
knollwoodsux • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
We had roaches for two months. The office staff was absolutley terrible with handling our problem. They had a guy come out once and take care of the bugs. Two weeks later we still were finding allot of roaches. I told the women at the desk we needed the guy to come and spry for the bugs again. She did not believe me, she just kept saying, "We had someone spray your apartment and he said it was taken care of". I told her I understood, but it did not really matter because we still had roaches. She told me to bring her show her one, incinuating that she did not believe me. No only was I offended but I was desperate so I actually went home killed a roch and brought it to the lady in the office. She told me that it was not a roach and proceeded to "Google" a picture of a roach. I was so offended at the fact that she did believe, not only that but she was arguing with me. I had nothing to gain from lieing about having roaches. This was the worst living experience ever. I lived in old apartments before so I know that things go wrong simply because it is an old building. The only difference is how the office staff chooses to deal with it. They are absolute worst in the area. DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!!!
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Campus Court at Knollwood

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