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58 West



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moorep2 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
Model looked great - so did the apartment I moved into (no problems there) But every thing went downhill fast. Management stinks - all the way from accepting mail delivery packages as well as meeting their obligations under Michigan law.<br><br>I moved out after a year of intolerable partying noise (management wouldn't do anything - supposedly because the partyers were "friends" of the management person).<br><br>Despite numerous complaints to the office - nothing was done. Calls to the police were handed off as just an unnecessary student complaint without actually doing anything ("its a student complex after all").<br><br>When I left - 2 of the three bedrooms were charged a mattress replacement fee of $180. Finally, my dad called and noted that they did not allow me to be there when the "inspection" took place and that is not in compliance with Michigan Law. They appear to forget the law when assessing students for "damages"<br><br>He spoke with the manager and the manager ("after reviewing the video") reduced the charge to a cleaning fee - not a replacement fee. Clearly the corporation that owns this complex is using bogus charges to maintain the place at no expense to the corporation.<br><br>I am sure that the replacement charge did not lead to an actual replacement of the mattress - just another way to screw students.
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58 West

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