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58 West



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
You better hope you joined the army, because if you read the lease the absolute only way to leave these apartments are if you are "involuntarily deployed by the military." that means if you die, you still must pay. You want to know why? They "budget accordingly" as said by Colleen "we spend our money as if each lease was carried to term" well guess what Colleen, that is a bad strategy for a business, you will go bankrupt. As for people who are thinking of this place, don t do it. I pay 585 a month plus 60 for energy and everything here is horrible. If you like to sleep, go somewhere else. I have called the cops 2 times this week just for noise. There is also a lot of drugs and crime. We had a whole 2 months where every morning, 4 cars would have been broken into. Also if you are a girl who is ok with normal, this isn t the place for you, this place if full of "my daddy will take care of it" type of people. You know them, the ones who will run you off the road because they think they are better than you, or the ones who do their hair and makeup then put on hoop earrings just to use the elliptical in the club house. also there is free internet here............................but it never is on and they limit how much you can use it in 24 hours...................................................... place is truly hell on earth, you literally sign your soul since death can not terminate your lease. And it is very dirty and management knows but tells you "too bad" everything in quotes was taken from the mouths of management. Consider yourself warned. my boyfriend lives at the Concord next door and even though they have their own problems, it is still a hell of a lot better there than it is here
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58 West

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