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Resident · 2014
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I am a former tenant of Regency Square, I recently moved out after the manager, Dave Dagher, got into a verbal argument with a guest of mine while I wasn't home. After the argument, he called me in a huff and told me that if I didn't help him get some kind of no trespassing ordinance against my guest that he was going to ask me to leave at the end of that month. After I told him I wouldn't do that I got a letter days later in the mail from Dave requesting that I move out by the end of the month or they were going to try and have me evicted. I took this as an opportunity to find a better place without having to wait for my lease to end (which was not hard at all to do) and decided not to fight it because the apartment wasn't even worth one day away from work to sit in court. Shortly after I moved out I received a letter in the mail from Regency Square claiming I owed the 2 months rent which was still left on my lease even though I left at their request. Luckily I still have their letter so it's not going to be a big deal but I was disgusted by the fact that they still tried to make me pay after asking me to leave. The owners and management of this complex are incredibly unprofessional and immoral. I would never ever live there again and certainly don't recommend. I work at a Real Estate agency and can tell you that it isn't hard at all to find something a hundred times better than Regency Square and somewhere that you don't have to worry about the morals of management and owners. This place is pitiful and has little to no concern with keeping it's guests happy once they've signed that lease.
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611 Regency Way Manager


My name is David Dagher and I am the property manager at Regency Square Apartments. I am sad to say I must respond to this review as it is inaccurate and doesn't tell the real story. First of all, please notice that the original positive review was dated 6/13/13. It was changed to a retaliatory negative review on 3/10/14. You can cut and paste the following link into your web browser and see the cached version of the original review: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:KTW5gmuOgQoJ:www.apartmentratings.com/rate/MI-Kalamazoo-Regency-Square-Apartments-1675434.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Here is the text from the original review on that date: "I have lived at Regency Square apartments for 3 years now and I can't imagine being happier in an apartment. The apartments themselves are larger than average, the grounds are beautiful and since being taken over by Trident earlier this year maintenance is incredibly friendly and more on top of things than I've experienced at any other apartment. I've always loved living here but the new management is doing such an above and beyond job that it's become even more enjoyable. Being right off of Westnedge I sometimes can't believe how quiet it is and I even see deer and ducks running around all the time. Best apartments in Kalamazoo for the price, hands down." That positive review was posted on 6/13/13. The tenant changed it to this retaliatory negative review on 3/10/14 after she was asked to move out because her apartment was repeatedly identified by numerous neighbors and confirmed by management as the source of marijuana activity. When the resident was initially confronted about this situation, the problem subsided for a while. Unfortunately it began to reoccur after a short period of time. When finally asked to move out, both she and her friend (a felon with drug and home invasion convictions that she has invited into the residence ) left negative reviews meant to retaliate against management for doing the right thing on behalf of the tenants of this building. Our goal here at Regency Square is to provide a safe, clean, healthy environment for all of our residents. That environment must be free of the behavior to which this tenant and/or her associates have subjected the surrounding residents. We strive to do everything within our power to achieve this goal, including removing problem, nuisance tenants who conduct themselves in a manner which infringes upon others. We strongly support and fully respect the privacy of all of our residents. We only take action when someone's behavior directly impacts the health and happiness of other residents. In this case, this tenant's behavior showed no respect for other residents' right to privacy and personal well being. We had no choice but to take some corrective action. I personally invite anyone to visit Regency Square Apartments and discover the truth. You will discover what the other residents already know. That we are a clean, well maintained, well managed property, with a friendly, helpful staff.

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