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Deer Run



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/17/2012
As far as repairs - what repairs? We've had a broken closet door for 3 years, a toilet that has ran for 2, and cabinets that are pulling off the wall - all have been reported several times but never fixed. While reporting about the toilet, mentioning that it's caused condensation to build around the bowl and base, mold growing as a result - instead of FIXING it, she tells me to turn on my AIR CONDITIONER to alleviate the condensation! My apartment is spotless, but my toilet is a disgusting black from running 24/7 - not to mention all the wasted water. Because of all the dampness, the molding behind the toilet has fallen off the wall. Did I mention I'm a college employee and student and have paid my rent on time every month for the entirety of my lease? Many nights there are old drunk men tailgating in the parking lot and hitting on me as I walk into my building,. Then there are the loud arguments at any time of day, people always yelling that they're calling the police on other people, etc. Last night, I couldn't sleep because a man was raging from 1am-430am, screaming at the top of his lungs at a woman while she just sobbed. It was terrifying. The security locks are broken building doors and other residents prop open the fire doors with rocks, sticks etc. because they're too lazy to open them every time. Today, I watched a woman climb out of her bedroom window, then walk through the security door and go back into her building. The only thing I can wonder is 'what is so messed up with her place that it's easier to climb out of a small bedroom window than to walk 15 feet to your door? Also, at a pool, groups of young men like to come around and case the place by walking into the swim area (jeans and gym shoes on), look at what's unattended then leave. The picnic table in the courtyard has gum smeared all over it, and 10 people like to cram on it at 4pm in their pajamas to drink cans of Icehouse and other bottled delicacies. As a student, this used to be a decent place for the money, but it's not safe here anymore (check Kalamazoo Public Safety's website, and you'll find the majority of forced entry burglaries for South Westnedge are right at Alpine [4300 Duke]). Don't be fooled by the grounds-keeping. P.S. check out the tire that's taken up residence in our hallway for the past few months.
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Deer Run

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