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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/18/2012
There are so many trashy people living here. As soon as we got a new apartment manager, she filled every empty apartment with the first thing that walked into the office. I rarely find a parking spot near my building. My building hasn't had a light outside since November, and despite countless calls and letters to the office it never gets fixed. People come into my building at all times of the night (2am-6am) to do laundry, and it's easy for them to get into the building because the security door doesn't lock. Half of the time that people do laundry, it causes the smoke alarms to go off on the first floor. That's really fun listening to at 3am. You can always tell when someone is using their oven in the building, too, because their smoke alarm will go off. The apartments don't have proper ventilation for the ovens, so if you want to cook, be prepared to have your window wide open and to wave a towel in front of the smoke detector (and the screens aren't on the windows properly, so watch your cat so it doesn't pop through the screen...has happened to a few people in the complex). Some people that I've talked to just keep their batteries out of the detectors...which makes me feel super safe. Random people are always dropping off garbage in our bins so you can barely fit your own garbage in there. The walls are beyond thin. You hear every phone call made, every tv show watched, every shower taken by every neighbor. The water is so rusty that the toilet bowl is completely filled with rust 2 weeks after cleaning it. The water pressure in the showers are great, but showering makes you itch for an hour because the water is so hard. It's nice that there is free heat, but I'm pretty sure that they keep it on in the summer too. The apartments get unbearably hot, so even when it's 60 degrees outside, you have to put the ac on because it's 85 in your apartment. Oh, and using your ac for a few hours every other day makes your electricity bill double. These apartments aren't maintained at all. I think that maintenance was going to paint inside our building last October, so they spent two days patching the walls. To this day, the walls haven't been painted, so there are just white splotches all over tan walls. Oh, and be sure not to accidentally touch the white splotches, because they will rub off on your clothing...learned that the hard way. Cops are at the complex at least three nights a week, too. This place is not safe at all, there are always sketchy people loitering in the parking lot. If you can afford $20 more a month, go somewhere else. I'm usually a pretty laid back person, and I'm not complaining because I'm a bad tenant who had been fined for not paying rent or anything...these apartments are just disgusting and people deserve to know it. Seriously, do NOT move here. *Update- I came home tonight (1 day after I posted the original review), to having outside lights. I'm not sure if it was done in response to my posting, but it was pretty funny timing nonetheless. Whatever, it only took 10 months of nagging to get it done.
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Deer Run

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