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Hidden Hills Apartments



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KSaraf414 • Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/04/2010
This was my second year living at Hidden Hills. My first year was great, so I thought this year would be the same. I moved in knowing one of my roommates and the management so kindly "matched" us with an immature 19 year old who attends community college and only cares about drinking every single night. Well I'm 22 and graduating this year, it did not work out at all. Whenever I needed to do homework or study, this girl had her obnoxious trailer trash friends over till late hours during the week. She would leave the apartment TRASHED. Even the movers who helped me move, said it was disgusting. This girl they "matched" me with threatened me, gave my number out to her friends who called me in the middle of the night (what is this a middle school sleepover?), ate my food, had tons of her trashy friends over almost every weekend (and during the week a lot too), and tons of underage drinking occurred at our apartment as well. I tried going to the management and all the manager of this apartment complex (Tammy) seemed to care about was getting the money for rent every month. Luckily, the corporate manager seems to be pretty helpful. If you ever have any problems at this place, I'd go straight to them (their office is in Ann Arbor). Even when I took a copy of my lease to the manager of Hidden Hills in Kalamazoo (Tammy) with everything highlighted that my roomies had violated, she just didn't seem to care AT ALL. All that she told me to do was call the cops. So really? All of these violations of the lease and nothing is done? Then what is the point of having a lease at all? Wow. The management sent the girls a note about their violations and all they did was mock it on Facebook, that really did a whole lot. Also, this manager Tammy has discussed me with other tenants and treats the paying customers of this apartment complex like they are 12 year olds, and even the other tenants have agreed that she acts like this on a daily basis. She even spoke to my mom like she was her child. I don't know how this company picks their employees, but maybe they should make sure they all take a customer service class before hiring them and then having them act like this. -Other than the bad experiences with the management and them "matching" me with a crazy girl, I must say that the maintenance at this apartment complex was pretty good. -The pool and workout center.tanning beds were pretty nice also. -There could be a bit more parking since sometimes I'd have to walk kind of far to my apartment from my car.
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Hidden Hills Apartments

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