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Hidden Hills Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2011
Recently, I moved into Hidden Hills- at first it seemed like it would be an okay place to live. But, when we moved in management was all but organized- very rude, completely unprofessional and didn't seem like they knew how an apartment complex should be run. When we moved in our unit wasn't finished with all of the maintenance that should have been completed, but I trusted it would be finished so my roommates and I didn't make a big deal about it. Well, it's been 2-3 wks now and nothing has been finished. Not to mention, the Property manager said that the unit was fully cleaned before we moved in which most definitely wasn't the case. The carpets are so dingy, there are about 40 cig burns in the living room; no, not an exaggeration... And, I got tiny bites on my ankles/feet upon the first wk of living there, and when I referred the bites to a doctor, he said they look to be bites from fleas. Therefore, it was made clear that the carpets were not cleaned up to the standard they should have been. Also, HH recently changed security companies... Remember all of the break-ins at The Pointe? Yeah, HH is using the same security company The Pointe had when all of that was going on. This doesn't make anyone living on the property feel safe- and not to mention security is completely LAZY and they don't drive around, or breakup parties- parties such as the one the people above me had last weekend. The party was so out of hand people were in the parking lot, security was aware and didn't do anything. This is so unprofessional and something security should be paying attention to. To sum up this review I would just say to stay away from Hidden Hills. All the girls in the leasing office seem uneducated as to how to give proper customer service or get anything done the correct way. The only person I have had a positive encounter with was the male that works at the front desk, and the maintenance man. Hopefully the office staff will read this review and realize that a couple things should be changed if they want to make residents happy and keep leasing their apartments.
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Hidden Hills Apartments

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