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Hunter's Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
dobynick • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
My fiance and I picked Hunter's Ridge because we decided to move in together on a wim and this was the only place that still had something open. We loved the apartement. The living room is great, the kitchen is kind of small but has a lot of cabinet space and we loved the full sized washer and dryer. We never had any problems with maintenance, we needed them twice and they came the next day. The place is kind of noisy though, I could hear my upstairs neighbor doing things in his bed I'd rather not know about. It made for some good laughs though! The office staff was always real nice to us, but we were really bummed out when Wendy left because she was so nice!! The new ladies are OK though. The only major problem I had with Hunter's Ridge was the parking situation. Half the time if I got home late at night from work I'd have to park three or even four buildings down. And if you plan on having friends over EVER don't live here. Visitor parking is ALWAYS full and the towing truck is there right at 10 pm to tow anything they like. My neighbor's car got towed even though he lived there! When we moved out the new managment said they were going to improve the parking situation but I don't see how that could happen since there's just no space. We also missed having a pool when we lived here. But we had a great year here, the only reason we moved was because we didn't need to be right on campus anymore and we were tired of paying for that convenience. Anything close to WMU is completely overpriced.
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Hunter's Ridge Apartments

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