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Hunter's Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2003 Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
I lived at Hunter's Ridge for 3 years. The owners of the complex had 3 management companies in that time, but the transitions went smoothly. Overall it was a good experience. Especially when it came time to move out after I graduated. HR refunded the full security deposit in a timely manner without any trouble. A complete opposite to the moveout nightmare I experienced at my previous apartment (ICON Properties).<br><br>Yes, there are problems with parking, but the office staff was always willing to provide an extra pass if I stopped in early and explained the situation (i.e. parents/friends in town, group project for class, etc.) just don't expect parking for a party.<br><br>Neighbors were generally friendly and cooperative although the houses behind the apartments tended to have loud parties until early in the morning any day of the week. But these are college apartments in a college neighborhood so there's no getting away from that.<br><br>Maintenance staff under all of the management companies was friendly, competent, prompt, and professional. The latest management company also hired a better snowplowing company for the parking lots than in previous years.<br><br>Apartment layout is good for privacy (bedrooms are at opposite ends of the apartment). Bedrooms and baths are large. Kitchen is small but functional with lots of cabinet space and garbage disposals and dishwasher. Highspeed wireless is provided for free but it is unsecured, slow, and has spotty coverage. So don't expect to use it for P2P, FTP, or gaming.<br><br>Utility costs were about $150 for gas/electric with 2 people. Remember that these have clothes washers and dryers in the apartment and both are electric. Insulation in the outside walls could also be better.<br><br>The neighborhood is generally safe. Ground floor apartments have the most problems - breakins and items disappearing from the patios. The only breakins I heard of occured during semester breaks when the apartment was empty. There were some car breakins but far fewer than I know of at other apartments. I personally never had any issues.<br><br>Rent is average for the type of property in the area.<br><br>I would recommend Hunter's Ridge.
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Hunter's Ridge Apartments

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