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Summer Ridge Apartments



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Nikki7714 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
I moved to Summer Ridge July of 2005 into a one bedroom, and then that year in October I switched to a two bedroom. I absolutely loved this place. A lot of the apartments in Kalamazoo are noisy, dirty and full of party-hungry college students, but Summer Ridge is different. This is such a nice place to live. <br><br>The office staff is so nice and they fixed everything that needed fixed the same day. I will agree that parking is troublesome, but come on - there are far worse things that could happen. <br><br>The apartment itself is very spacious. You have a washer/dryer, fireplace and a dishwasher which is something a lot of other apartments in Kalamazoo don't offer. The other tennants are great - for the most part. In my one bedroom we had an ***hole downstairs neighbor who complained every time he heard a noise in our apartment, but everyone else was great. You make a lot of friends here - especially if you are a dog owner. <br><br>The only bad things are: some people don't clean up after thier dog so it's not safe to walk in the grass. The bedrooms are very cold in winter. The parking lot and the street leading to it are the last street/parking lot to be plowed in Kalamazoo after a snow storm. But trust me, these are all things that are easy to deal with when you think about all the good things this place has to offer.<br><br>I moved out when I accepted a job overseas. I am moving back to the US in three weeks and guess where I'm moving back to? Summer Ridge.
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Summer Ridge Apartments

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