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Seymour Manor Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/30/2002
This was my first apartment and my first experience with DTN management. The apartment I was shown when signing my lease was in good condition. The one bedroom was enough room for two people and the price seemed very reasonable for the area. I liked the fact that it was one small building with a limited number of tenants and it was close to downtown Lansing and LCC. <br> <br>Upon moving in my kitchen floor had broken, uneven tiles. It took maintenance more than six months to even start to repair the problem and they did a horrible job on it. I moved in during the beginning of summer before most of the other tenants. During this time it was very quiet and parking didn´t become a problem until late August when others began moving in. <br> <br>A great majority of the tenants were young college students or and it could get extremely noisy until all hours of the night even during the weekdays. They treated the place like it was dorm, not an apartment building. The cops were called almost every weekend for a few months. Some obnoxious tenants got kicked out of the building but it took months before this happened. They would pound on people´s doors in the middle of the night, smoke and drink in the hallway, and have their cars blocking yours in when there were no other spots available. <br> <br>The parking situation was a whole other matter. The lot was so small that only a few were permitted parking passes. Even with tow away signs posted everywhere LCC students frequently parked there while at class. They were never towed away leaving me without a parking spot many times at my own building. Two cars sat apparently abandoned in the lot for the last six months I was there. The only other parking was metered in front of the building so guests had to pay for their own parking. <br> <br>The neighborhood wasn´t all that great either and the houses backing up to the building were filthy and falling apart. The lock on my balcony screen door was broken and when maintenance finally "fixed" it [they came up twice!] it still didn´t lock properly. My door also had no dead bolt or chain so I didn’t feel very safe at times. <br> <br>The resident manager was very friendly and he tried to be as helpful as possible. During my last few days there I saw a roach in the building and I immediately moved in early to another apartment. It really wouldn´t have been a bad place except for the management was horrible, maintenance was virtually nonexistent, and the loud, inconsiderate neighbors. Oh yeah, and don´t forget the roaches.
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Seymour Manor Apartments

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