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Tammany Hills Apartments



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SassyRenter628 • Resident 2007 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2010
I lived here from 2007 until 2009 and I would have moved out sooner had I been able to. The maintenance took forever to take care of anything. I had hornets making a nest in the screen to my bedroom window and they were able to get inside my room. I ended up going outside and spraying the window myself because of how long it took (which was a feet in itself as I was on the 2nd floor). The heater didn't work properly. It was 90 degrees in my apartment in the winter. I had it set to 50. And when I asked to have it fixed maintenance chuckled at me and told me that I just didn't know what I was talking about and that it was all in fine working order. Rent checks are due on the 25th of each month and you must send them in the mail. There are no drop boxes. The worst thing that happened was on Christmas Eve of 2008. I got home from my outings and I slipped and fell in the parking lot because it was one giant skating rink braking very expensive equipment in the process - something which I never got paid back for. They never salt. The handicap ramp was completely inaccessible. The staff was gone for that weekend. That same weekend one of my neighbors had a heart attack and the paramedics struggled to get to them because of this parking lot. The property managers were rude. When I reported to them what happened they simply told me that there wasn't any horrible snow or ice where they were residing over the holiday, so they didn't believe it happened at this apartment complex (EVEN THOUGH I HAD PHOTOS OF IT AND I BROUGHT THEM IN WITH ME). They also never listened when you reported things broken. The doors to the building were supposed to lock when they close but they were always broken. The people in the office were rarely if ever there. When I would try to go there to pick up a package there would be a sign saying "Back in 10 mins." I went there every day for a week to pick up this package and when I finally made it there while it was open I was yelled at by the staff for not having picked it up sooner even though I was unable to because they were closed whenever I tried. Other problems with the parking lot is that it was seriously uneven (even in the carports) and when they repaved, they went AROUND the parking spots and only repaved where you drive so it didn't fix the problem. They used to leave a bucket of salt out for people to use, but once it was used up they decided against letting residents use their salt again. My bike was stolen from the parking lot. I looked out my window and there was a truck loading bikes into the back. Luckily they didn't get my roommmate's. But there were only 4 bikes from my parking lot that were left there out of the many parked. There was a serious bug problem in my kitchen that only got worse as time went on. When I was moving out one of my neighbors had been evicted and their stuff was on the curb. I was approached by people living in one of the other buildings asking me if they could take the stuff on the curb and they didn't believe me when I said it wasn't mine and they kept asking me questions about it. This place is ------. This by far has been the worst apartments I have EVER rented at. DO NOT MOVE HERE.
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Tammany Hills Apartments

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 03/05/2010) Image of Tammany Hills Apartments in Lansing, MI
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