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Washington Apartments



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Office Staff
[email protected] • Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/30/2014
This place has bed bugs. I suggest you avoid it like the plague. I bought a brand new mattress and box springs and it ended up getting ruined by bed bugs. That was a $500 loss for me not including having to buy a new one for my new apartment. Management tried to pass it off as if it were my problem, when clearly with the writings in the elevator and on the doors that said "bed bugs" someone was trying to tell us something. Also when I went to throw my trash away someone had thrown out a mattress which had visible bed bug tracks on it. The steam heaters were broke and could not be adjusted. It was unbearably hot. I would come home from work and the room would be like a steam room with condensation running down the wall. And they posted that you would be fined if you opened your windows. The general quality of residents at the apartment were unsettling characters. People you would not want to be around or for yourself to be around. Just a creepy and uncomfortable place. Multiple times I could hear people bringing their domestic disputes outside. Just not really classy. The floors were so dirty when I moved in I had to continuously clean and scrub them and continued to bring up dirt. Dirt or soot or something starting to drip down the walls when the steam from the steam heaters brought it out. My window just fell out one night and I died of fright because I thought someone was in the apartment. One of the residents helped me carry a microwave up to my apartment and would not leave he wanted to stay and watch me get dressed. I had to push him out of my apartment and lock the door and he continued to try to get in for like 15 minutes. Another incident I asked my neighbor for a screw driver and he came back with a knife, super strange. This is not a place that makes you feel safe.
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Washington Apartments

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