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Washington Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2018
Please save yourself the time and money and do not pursue this apartment complex. Upon touring the 700$ one bedroom one bathroom I was excited about the renovations and location and ready to move in. Not even a month later I was desperately trying to exit my lease. You WILL encounter bed bugs. The management is a joke. They will turn off your water with no notice. You work that morning? That's too bad, no shower or toilet or drinking water for you. This happened one particular morning that I had a very personally important interview. If I had had even 10 minutes of notice I could've jumped in the shower, but no. This has happened 5 times within the month that I moved in. Power turns off constantly. Daily I have to flip the breakers behind the stove. I will come home from work to my food rotting since my power has been off for hours since I was at work. I've been bitten by bed bugs and have welts on my hands and arms and have videos of them crawling on my bed. After illegally entering my apartment with zero notice TWICE, the management says my unit has no bed bugs and I must've "brought them in from the outside". It is literally impossible to get ahold of the front office, maintenance, or emergency maintenance. The community within the building can be sketchy and even dangerous for a young 20 something woman like myself. There are sex offenders who reside within the building and drug addicts who lurk the outside of it and will approach you. One night after they turned the boiler on, the heater in my unit was so hot it was steaming and spitting water. The emergency maintenece that I actually WAS able to contact REFUSED to come out to investigate. A few hours later around 6am, the fuse in the entire building blew, the boiler in the basement overheated and the fire alarms were blaring. Fire trucks and confused tired people outside everywhere. All could've been avoided if this management wasn't so incompetent. On a more minor note, this apartment building smells and the maintence has made comments to me about how the elevator "gets stuck all the time". This place is a literal safety hazard. Do not fall for the pretty new renovations. After months of fighting with the management and threatening to take them to court I am finally getting out of my lease without having to lose money, but still having to pay out of my own pocket to move somewhere new. Please help yourselves.
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Washington Apartments

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