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Waverly Park Apartments

4030 Hartford Road

Lansing, MI 48911



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tzaritzai • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/18/2012
Obnoxious tenants that drink all day, play loud music from 9am-3am (bass is at 100%), let their dogs roam, and are filthy! Most tenants that live here are unemployed men that live off their women - they don t care about anything but themselves. Tenants will leave their trash outside their doors for weeks even though the dumpsters are less than 15 feet away. Loose trash can be found everywhere including the parking lots, the lawns, and in apartment hallways. Reporting noise, dogs, and trash makes absolutely no difference. The staff does not care if tenants have dogs (even though it's a reason to be kicked out!) as long as there are no incidents of attacks/bites. Young children (8 years and younger) are left to wander around unsupervised. Expect to see beer bottles and cans everywhere. Expect to hear offensive language and rap music. Expect to smell cigarettes and weed. Opening your windows during spring and summer is not an option unless want to hear loud arguments, offensive music, or barking dogs. These apartments are disgusting, poorly maintained, and poorly monitored. Waverly Park Apartments should be temporary housing only unless you like living in trash with equally filthy people. I've lived here for two months and I cannot wait to leave!! There is a reason the rent is so cheap!
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Waverly Park Apartments

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