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Westbay Club Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/25/2010
The neighbors argue a lot often in the parking lot, and are mean, there is no shopping within walking distance other than 2 frankly ------ liquor stores which are both over a half mile away and I don't really like driving everywhere. The apartment has a cockroach problem, during the winter the apartment would almost always be 80-90 degrees no matter what I set the thermostat too and I sometimes had to open the window even or turn on the AC even in the winter and the heat stopped working before it was even warm out and they wouldn't fix it. Someone recently Vomited outside my door in the hallway and I got robbed of a computer and several electronics. You often smell marajuana in the hall ways people climb in the dumpsters often digging through trash. Take a look at the general area and around here to the east of me a little ways it looks like inner city Detroit its not very safe as soon as you see it you won't want to rent here, and I hear gunshots every once in awhile even. Cant wait to get out of here.
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Westbay Club Apartments

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