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Madison Park Apartments



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BigBurlyBrownBear • Resident 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 05/27/2011
So first I have to complain about nearly every other apartment complex in the greater detroit area. Messy. Disorganized. Hard to get ahold of. Lost our information, didn't know we had appointments and so on. And then my girlfriend and I called up madison park apartments as a last ditch effort to find a spot we liked. The woman in charge of the front desk has been an absoloute treat to deal with, she has between 1 and 2 seasonal workers that I've dealt with minimally, so nearly every interaction ive had in getting moved in has involved her directly - which i love. I love that she's polite and business like, without being cold or humorless and she's never taken longer than a 24 hour period to get back to me. She's just great. I think it was her alone more than anything else that really made me want to move in. Upon visiting the room the first thing i noticced was size. It's big for what we're paying. Love the window in our living room. The AC fills the room with heat/cold immediately. the walls are thick. I noticed this after testing how loud I am. I was blasting music from my lap top and had the volume on my TV past half and I couldnt hear it from the hall way. muffled from the next room over. It's quiet. not alot of partiers, people generally stay to themselves. there's construction going on in the parking lot but that's okay, there's still plenty of parking. my only comment is that some things do seem, well, old. the veneers mimic what was in style when my grand parents were alive . The sink handles, shower dials in the batroom are loose. there's a crack in my door where the lock is. Clearly from someone who pulled/pushed too hard when he/she thought it was unlocked, but that's okay too because all of these things can all be fixed. frankly, I love my space.
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Madison Park Apartments

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