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Madison Park Apartments



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Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/24/2012
If you want to live a happy and quiet life don't rent at Madison Park and read this review! We signed an 8 months lease with Madison Parks and THANK GOD we are leaving in a week! Don't let their tour and extremely kind and caring staff fool you into signing a lease with them! Honestly, the apartment only looks good from the outside, but from the inside... Help me god survive this last week! let me take you on a real tour of The great Madison Park Apartment, your home of the so-called luxury living. home entrance: In front of your door, you will always have guests waiting outside, only these guests are dead bees laying in front of your door step. Bathroom: The bathroom has no air circulating in it so Mold is a constant problem if you like to take a shower everyday, like a normal person. And when you call them to come and clean up the mold they take forever to come and clean it! we put a service request on-line and didn't hear from them until the next day when we had to call them to ask them if they are ever coming to clean it. What did they say? they never received a request (Even though my husband got an email confirmation from them that they received our request) That's not all, they then told us that they're sending someone to fix the problem... 4 hours later, no one shows up so we had to call them again and again till some one decided to show up. But it doesn't end here, the guy comes and looks and cleans 2 out of the 4 infested corners of the bathroom and when we asked him if he cleaned all of it he said "yeah, you just need to clean it with bleach" Okay, that's understandable, except I am freaking pregnant and for the sake of my baby's health I am not getting near these products! so the guy leaves... we go check to see if the mold is gone but we see that 2 corners are full of mold along with the borders around the door! Night time: You will be lucky if you spent a night without suffering from the endless barking of the neighbors' dog! our situation was worse because we had an interesting group of neighbors! One neighbor liked to have the whole world hear him and his girlfriend doing their business at night! till 3 AM!! Another enjoyed arguing and fighting at the top of their lungs at 4 AM!! and another liked to have a fiesta at 5 AM with their stupid loud Mexican music as if they're the only one living in that area. Pets: there is a limit to how many dogs you can have in that apartment, max 2 dogs per lease. but let me just tell you that you'll be seeing people walking with 3, 4, 5 dogs and no one is saying anything! And oh yeah they have these cleaning stations that people should use in case their dog shits on the grass.... but come on, do you really think people do it? I've seen multiple people just let their dog ---- and leave the scene as if nothing happened. Laundry room: washers are always not working and if they are working you find your load dripping water after the cycle is complete. Staff: The staff sounds super kind and understanding on the phone but in reality, they don't give a ---- about you. I swear. Anyways, I hope after reading this, you know what you are expecting. Now it's up to you if you want deal with all this crap or not.
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Madison Park Apartments

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