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Madison Park Apartments



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javaloca • Resident 2006 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 05/02/2008
The best part about this complex... heat is included & the rental rate is still on the low side. Grounds are well kept, best looking bldgs in this cluster. Complex is small so it s rather quiet. Not the most well lit, but it feels very safe. Nothing has ever happened to us/vehicles. MH police seem to be responsive, but I've never seen a police car in the complex. I do know there was a break in via an open upper level doorwall. It was managements fault b/c they left something on the ground that made it easier for the thieves to climb over the balcony. I heard them hurriedly calling & trying to have the stuff moved before someone put 2 & 2 together. Anyway, it is that kinda complex, u feel comfortable enuff to do that w/out incident. The garbage is picked up weekly, so around Thursday it's overflowing, but always picked up Friday AM. No rubbish in common areas. Ppl are very quiet for the most part & if not I think the office address the complaint right away. There's a good mix of older residents/singles and families. Sometimes kids play in the courtyards, but 4 max. There's a great park right across the street so maybe ppl take them there. The location is great and it allows us to walk to get alot of errands done. Sam's Club, CVS, Target, Meijer, Best Buy, 7/11, Kinko's, Cold Stone, Michaels, Office Depot, Costco, etc. Madison Athletic is close too, great gym. Anything else can be found w/in a few miles, close to lots more shopping on Big Beaver and I-75. The Municipal Center is on 13, so u can see fireworks from here or walk down a bit and see a parade for the holidays. There s a new issue w/the heat b/c they put a regulator on the furnace that isn t working properly. We used to be hot all winter, but this year I had to call several times and sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn t. It was either 90 degrees or 50, thermostat is more for show in my unit. So that sucks and will probably lead to a relocation next winter. They use some 1920 s steam heating system, it s very odd & they struggle w/it s management. Service calls are responded to quickly (as long as someone is on-site) and do offer after-hours service (anyday of the week). Office help has changed 3 times in the last 2 yrs. The Sherry mentioned in the other post I found to be horrible. She was lazy, unprofessional and probably sleeping on the job. Who knows, but you d leave her message and then when u called back b/c she never returned your call, she s have an attitude or be fake when u called her on never returning your call. I m thrilled that she s gone. The new person, Judy has been FAR BETTER than Sherry ever was.
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Madison Park Apartments

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