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Royal Madison Apartments



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/28/2016
This property is the dumps, you have a very rude and racist management she dislikes many of us ----- residents she likes to throw her weight around and believe me ------------------------------ she takes full advantage of a tenant that's also a racist person against us ----- residents she put him in charge of the pool and he's beyond strict if you don't live here you can't swim unless you're with that tenant that lives on the property but it just to shows the management and pool person is showing favoritism he allows this ----- lady swim by herself when her son is supposed to be with her because she does not live on this property, the pool person is hungry for attention just like the management on this property, he helps her out almost every day not sure if he's being paid or whatnot or maybe he's working for food oh let's do him a wonderful favor let's give him out scraps from leftovers or just let him eat out of the three dumpsters he'll find food in the dumpsters. The Property is in bad shape you have many water leaks in the basements and a tree that's snapped in half and has been layin like this for two or three months, the basements are unsafe doors are broken so anyone can go to the basements from on the streets she also claims that we have cameras in the basement which is a total lie I work in a field that can tell if there's camera's or not and believe me there are no camera's in the basements. The Property Manger is hiding a huge secret about her lifestyle she tells many of us she is married to a certain guy but that's a lie she's a ------- and my wife and I have seen her --------------------------------- and are always together in fact they threw a party last Saturday and the both have been seen together at the party. We ----- residents need to take a stand against the pool person and property manager they are unfortunately the rudest people on this property, I would appreciate that if you are looking for a nice and peaceful place to live this is definitely not the place to live at unless it's your last option. To much favoritism is going on at this property the pool person acting like he's better than the rest of us residents and with him eating out of dumpsters makes this place look like we are living in city of Detroit then our property manager well I can go on and on but I'll just leave it as it is.
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Royal Madison Apartments

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