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3804 Todd Street, Midland, MI 48642
3804 Todd Street, Midland, MI 48642

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Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/05/2018
First day we moved in, we ended up leaving and staying with family. Our neighbors were having a party until 3 am, and we're still going when we decided we had to get some sleep and left. Everytime we closed the door, parts of the cabinets fell apart. There is a fist mark in our door (we didn't see the specific townhome we got until after payment was made-only a model) The only thing I could have said good, was that management is friendly- but now my opinions changed, because they won't let us out of our lease, even though it's a huge health and safety risk to not only us, but our 2 year old. These are 2 bedroom apartments, our neighbors have at least 6 children living in their townhome.. so that's not legal. You can imagine the noise level. The walls as stated by everyone else are paper thin. The place needs torn down, it floods, and they continue to slap some putty over more putty- which does absolutely nothing except look awful, it still completely floods the basement everytime it rains. We also get leaks in our kitchen where there are cracks in the foundation (I kid you not) There are cracks in the door, so we often get infested with ants or earwigs, mosquitoes and moths. The floors are absolutely repulsive. I don't even let my daughter lay on the floor of our "home" as I said- we weren't shown this exact one, so we didn't know we would get one with brown carpets that are supposed to be white. They've had to replace our dishwasher and oven because they both were so old they broke, they replaced them with random old ones they found- which don't match! The washer and dryer that we pay 50$ extra per month for stop working when the basement floods, so that's always a good time also! I had to be honest and tell our truth about our experience.
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